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Event Tents

Not only are our Lotus Belle tents practical and simple to set up, but their eye-catching designs also make them a great addition for events.

Our 6m tents offer 24sq m of interior space, allowing plenty of room for group activities. In particular, our 6m Stargazer tent is a fan favourite for yoga, meditation and wellness events.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, our Lotus Mahal boasts a spacious 65sq m interior. The walls of the Mahal can be partially or fully removed, making it an elegant solution for a variety of events and weather conditions.

The Lotus Mela, with an 11m diameter, is the perfect roof cover, whether you’re creating a chill-out spot to hang out in, or you’re looking to provide a shaded area at children’s camps. Its low sides mean the versatile roof cover offers additional privacy and a cosy atmosphere.