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Jute Matting
Jute Matting
Jute Matting
Jute Matting
Jute Matting
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Jute Matting


The natural Coir (coconut fibre) half-moon mats are designed to fit perfectly within the Lotus Belle Tent.

Due to coir's natural durability the mats provide not only smarten up your glamping experience but also provide an excellent barrier between you and the ground through their insulating quality. They provide a lovely rustic feel and are great for semi-permanent or longer camping trips.

The semi-circular premium quality Half Moon Coir Mats are edged with double stitched natural coloured cotton along the outer edge with a cut out for the central pole. Mats are 8mm thick and each half moon weighs 7.5kg (3m) to 15kg (6m). To clean, simply brush, hose down and leave to dry. Sold as 3m, 4m, 5m or 6m pairs (two x half moons).


  • Coir (coconut fibre) with hardwearing cotton border

    Technical Details:

    • Height: 8mm 
    • The rugs are made to fit inside the Lotus Belle tents so when the two half moon pieces are placed together, they are slightly smaller than the 3m,4m, 5m and 6m diameter size. 

    Packed dimensions:

    • 1 x Roll, containing 2 x half moon pieces (Lotus Mahal - 6 half moon shaped pieces)
    • Total weight: 3m (11kg), 4m (23kg), 5m (35kg), 6m (44kg), Mahal (ca 120kg)