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Making a commitment to sustainability & investing in a Lotus Belle canvas tent

Can’t stop thinking about getting your own Lotus Belle tent? Trust us, we know where you’re coming from. But of course, if you want to keep your canvas tent looking and performing at its best, a little attention from your side will help you make the most of your investment. Canvas tents come with many benefits, and if you look after it right, your Lotus Belle will shine for many years to come. 

Canvas is a fantastic material that comes with many upsides, both for your eyes and other senses alike. This fabric can regulate the temperature inside your Lotus Belle while creating a breathable environment that neutralizes odours that may come with frequent use. It is as robust and durable as the resilient sails of an old ship, but when touched, provides a soft and luxurious feel.

But how do you maintain a canvas tent? 

With so many traditional quality features combined, it’s no wonder that the longevity of canvas tents benefit from a little more TLC than other ordinary camping tents. Taking care of your top-quality, stylish outdoor product from us allows you to make a commitment to sustainability. In short, giving some extra care back to your product will in the long run take better care of you and the environment in which it stands. Even if nature can really take a physical toll on the look of your tent. But don’t worry! We aim to prepare you with some helpful tips for an outstanding start into a new area of eco-friendly camping, and truly luxurious glamping experiences.

Lotus Belle Stargazer (5m) - @HofStadelmatt Küssnacht, Switzerland

You know that Lotus Belle tents are not only valued for their gorgeous design, but their unique versatility. Our luxury tents can be like a romantic cottage in the woods, a spa hotel in your favourite seaside town, your shelter in the mountains or a home for your lifestyle business – a place where everyone feels secure, cosy, and relaxed. 

So, let’s not dilly-dally, but dive deeper into this magical fabric. 

Qur quick tips for taking care of your Lotus Belle canvas tent…

Before synthetic tents appeared, there were only big, heavy canvas models like the ones you may have seen on vintage pictures from the 1960s and earlier. From today’s perspective, old-school-cool, but frankly completely outdated. However, just as every industry moved forward in time, canvas became less heavy, and more durable, packed with reliable traditional features. 

Canvas is much thicker than any synthetic material, which is why tents made of canvas provide better protection from the sun and light. Thus, the indoor temperature of your tent remains cooler on hot days, and warmer on cold days. Having your tent pitched at the Adriatic coast would therefore mean cooler, and longer mornings for you or guests as compared to any paper-thin, deep dark synthetic camping tent.

Lotus Belle Hybrid Deluxe (5m) incl. Cocoon Lining- @glow_glamping, Israel

Of course, any tent of any material that is sitting in direct sunlight will eventually heat up to the same temperature. The Lotus Belle designer Hari Seddon thought about that too. She designed two different linings. An Insulated lining for cooler regions like Scandinavia and the north and the lighter and brighter Cocoon lining for all seasons, which we always recommend even to people in warmer regions like Greece or Southern Italy.

Still wondering why tent linings make a real difference?

Your apartment or house surely comes with in-built insulation. The same physical power applies here. The layers you build - when attaching the lining to the tent walls - create an air cushion that serves as insulation, which, in turn, regulates the temperature inside the tent automatically.

And even if your Lotus Belle has had a chance to heat up, you can be rest assured that we’ve come up with a solution. All of our 4-to-6-metre tents come with small and bigger vents, integrated windows, blinds, and insect mesh. Deluxe models offer two door openings allowing pleasant airflow through the room.

Additionally, using a roof cover helps to keep the temperature inside the tent cool and protects the tent canvas from the harsh impact of those UV rays.

Lotus Belle Outback (5m) incl. Standard Roof Cover, @WildLotusGlamping Antigua

Did you know...?

The Lotus Belle Outback tents are more suitable for people who live in the sun, as they have larger roof vents to aid airflow. 

The Lotus Belle Hybrid Deluxe tent has been developed for regions with all four distinct seasons. In addition to the all-important insect mesh on the doors and windows, they also have PVC windows, which help seal against draughts on colder days.

You see, sun and air are the two most important elements when it comes to taking care of canvas products. And if you know how to leverage them in your favour, you already know all the rules of this new game.


  1. Your tent needs sun! The sun helps to bleach the canvas fabric. Where possible, don’t pitch your tent under trees, or if you do, use a roof cover! 
  2. Let it breathe! Remember to air your tent and if you are away, leave the windows open to allow airflow. 
  3. Take your climate into account! Different environmental factors such as animals, plants, UV rays and people will impact on your tent in different ways. 
  4. Hygiene. With the right care, you can extend the life of your tent. 
  5. Cleanliness is key! Use the correct cleaning solutions and, where necessary, have a professional help you to keep your tent in pristine condition.

Looking for more information and DIY cleaning supplies?

Then download our detailed care instructions HERE.

Check out our range of Lotus Belle Models in Canvas Crème or our Limited Edition in Sahara Sand as a complete Glamping package including porch, carpet and lining.

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