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In seventh heaven: How to style your pop-up hotel for guests

True luxury comes from Lotus Belle with plenty of room to breathe and move, a design that naturally blends into the environment and quality fabrics that smell like nature. It's not only about appearances, it's about the outdoor experience with plenty of comfort and style. Today we’ll show you which interior and accessories you can use to transform your luxury tent into a feel-good sanctuary for guests!

Try cosiness

First of all, we would like to mention the most important thing: Nobody wants to freeze while glamping. Surely you can remember many cold, half-frozen nights in a plastic tent – of course, that has nothing to do with luxury. If you are one of the lucky ones and live 365 days a year under the sun, then you don't have to worry about this aspect, but everyone else should think about a tent lining.

Our Cocoon Liningsinsulate your tent and create a cosy and luxurious atmosphere. The double layer creates an air cushion in the middle that acts as a thermal insulator, so you can extend your glamping season by a few months, even in the cold season. If you're looking for double insulation, check out the Insulated Liningsin our shop. Like a duvet, it wraps around the inside of tent and keeps you both cosy and warm. Permanent glampers can even combine the inserts with a small cast-iron wood stove, as all inserts have a zip opening for the chimney.

Image: Lotus Belle Tents

An absolute highlight is our new Fintan Stove - a robust, CE-approved multi-fuel stove. It's quite compact and even has a hob, so you can do without a gas cooker. Another advantage is its multi-functionality, as it can be fuelled with both coal, pellets and wood. The easy-care stove door with glass window adds a really romantic touch. You should also choose accessories that generate warmth and feel luxurious, such as fluffy tent slippers, cosy blankets and perhaps stylish mugs for hot drinks. 

Image: Tilba Lake Camp

Speaking of which, Lotus Belles are big enough for real beds, so forget sleeping bags and look for quality furniture. If your luxury tent is in your garden, you should still come up with something different for your sleeping pleasure to create a clear distinction between the rooms (living in the tent should feel like being on holiday, after all). Whether it's a king-size bed, huge mattresses, a four-poster bed or a DIY bed made from Euro pallets - let your creativity run wild and don't hesitate to 'reuse or recycle' existing furnishings - especially if you're pitching your tent for a longer period of time.

Chaos kills the vibe  

Do you consider yourself a minimalist or a maximalist? It doesn't really matter which lifestyle you choose - inside the tent you should keep things tidy. Chaos destroys comfort, so think about discreet storage space and all the clothes, towels, bags or hygiene materials you or your guests need to store. There's plenty of room for full-sized wardrobes in our tents, so a wardrobe, chest of drawers, wooden box or clothes rack wouldn't ruin the vibe, but simply add to the luxury!

Image: Kinkara

If you're in the process of opening a glamping site, you should always be thinking: what will my guests bring and what can I offer them to make pesky bags disappear? Psst.... this is why we love porches! They extend the living space outdoors and create additional protection from the sun or rain. In our shop you'll find awnings for all tent models, made of the same high-quality canvas fabric as your Lotus Belle tent (canvas, 380 GSM) and therefore resistant to fire, water and rot.

Choose your style

We don't doubt your creativity, but we're inundated with so many amazing images from our clients and partners every week that we wanted to share a few of the most popular styles and interior ideas with you. When you've finished your own interior, send us a picture and we'll make it #PICOFTHEWEEK on our Instagram channel!

Image: ZUMA Sanctuary 


Bohemian or boho style is a very personal and exotic style of warm earthy colours, but also metallics and jewel tones. Just think of deep browns, greens and greys as basic colours and combine them with rich purples, fiery oranges and electric blues. The layering of colours makes this style simply unique. Mix patterns and textures and don't be afraid to use styles that don't necessarily go together. For example, use dyed textiles and patterns from corners of the world you've already travelled to and give your Lotus Belle tent an exotic feel.

Image: @herescapevortex

Also make sure to furnish the floor or seating with as many cushions, pillows and cosy things as possible. Decorative fringes on the walls, of course, lots of fairy lights, mirrored surfaces and incense sticks are particularly good. Rugs make the most sense, as they not only complete the look but also provide further padding and insulation for the floor. Our Coir Matsgo particularly well with boho style. The semi-circular rugs made from natural coconut fibres are tailor-made for the interior surface of your Lotus Belle. The carpet perfectly covers the green PVC flooring and creates a comfortable surface for maximum barefoot fun.

Image: @gypsetstyleandhire


Luxury should mean comfort rather than cold, so it's all about your personal choice of furniture and your own philosophy and sense of style. Even the smallest tents can be filled with luxury if you pay attention to details and quality. Sophistication comes from discreet decoration, elegance from quality colours and materials, beauty from proportion. Of course, this is all in the eye of the beholder, but we urge you to combine three colours and not limit yourself to just one or two.

Image: @riverbelleglamping

With statement colours, you avoid a monotonous and rigid design and give the room more elegance, contrast and make the living space feel comfortable and accessible. Accessories can be used in elegant dark colours to create accents, for example with cushions, blankets or as bed patterns, while the furnishings shine in light colours. Delicate decorations of pennants, fairy lights, textiles bring your personality into the room. How about a plant, too?

Something robust like a climbing plant or a small tray of acacias provide low-maintenance green pleasure. Incidentally, this is how you can combine your luxury interior with country style. The most important element for the so-called country style is a relaxed look and feel. It should blend into the landscape and not dominate, so it's important to use materials from your surroundings: lots of wood, stone, metal - subtle colours, textiles and materials that reflect your home.

Image: @Bendigouniquestay


Who would have thought it, but minimalist style has one main principle: keep it simple! Optimised shapes, a small selection of colours and even a minimum of textiles and accessories. Simplicity is the key to success. However, fans of the style should not shy away from small faux or fur rugs. Even statement throws on the bed, simple wooden decorations and storm lamps with LED candles don't look cluttered, but thoughtful. If you place the lamps on a reflective surface or in front of it, you increase the cosiness and provide even more light.

Image: @nacpanbeachglamping

If LED candles are not your cup of tea, we recommend a soft, natural light source. Do you know Fatboy Edison the Petit?It's a small mobile table lamp that was missing from your Lotus Belle. Whether functional and romantic on the camping table, or practical as a bedside lamp next to your bed. The white rechargeable table lamp offers you or your guests up to 24 hours of wireless lighting.

Don't forget the garden space! 

Do you want to pitch your Lotus Belle under trees or leave it standing all year round? Then make sure you get a roof cover to keep it clean from falling leaves and bird droppings! With a roof cover, you can not only put a personal stamp on your tent, but also give it double and triple protection against UV rays and heavy thunderstorms. The roof covers are available in six different colours and patterns, so you can find your tent even after too many mojitos in the hot tub!

So you see - it's not just the inside that's important, but also what's going on outside. Campfires, a cosy bench with blankets, camping chairs, a fully stocked minibar, a projector for movie nights or maybe a hot tub? Think about it, because you have to dream luxury before you can live it.

We look forward to seeing your Lotus Belle interior design ideas!

Image: @greatlakesglampingmi

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