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Who doesn't need it these days... an outdoor sanctuary with comfort and style - your own little bubble in nature, in short: a Lotus Belle Bubble. Today we explain why you should get in on the glamping trend this year and why your new favourite place is now a Lotus Belle Sanctuary.


Are we mistaken, or are we still living in 2020? In any case, the news hasn't changed and the long-awaited holiday is (once again) a long way off. But instead of burying our heads in the sand - we'd rather knock pegs into the ground and look forward to a new year à la "Staycation". Not only because our environment deserves a break from globetrotters and frequent flyers, but also because you need a different kind of rest. Glamping offers numerous advantages for body and soul, because you can enjoy a certain closeness to nature without having to forego comfort. Above all, it gives you the independence, freedom and peace you need in these uncertain times. With a trip to the countryside, you gain distance from what's going on in your life and open up your view of the world - no matter whether it's in your garden, a nearby forest or the next campsite. (If all goes well, they'll be allowed to open again at Easter).

#Staycation 2.0

As real glampers, we can confirm that a “staycation” is definitely more relaxed and not as time-consuming as other holidays - and not just because you can leave your suitcases in the cupboard. A holiday in the garden or on the campsite also has other advantages: Sanitary facilities and toilets are within reach and you can cook on the bbq at home, in the communal kitchen or with the good old gas cooker. It also allows you to combine the best of the offline and online worlds, as you spend some time outdoors with natural light and lots of fresh air, and at the same time you have good reception and can charge electronic devices at any time. But it would be best to give yourself a break from flashing mobile phone screens, because the less blue light you are exposed to, the more you will spare your nerves, sleep better and gain optimism for the months ahead.


Sounds like traditional camping to you? 

Not quite, because we are glamping experts after all and know the difference between a weekend away in a plastic monster and a short holiday in a luxury tent. Unless you want to climb Mont Blanc and need a windproof cave, it's worth investing in a sustainable canvas tent. Not only will you save money, but you can also use it for longer than just one season. Canvas fabric is very breathable, robust and mould-resistant. In addition, it creates a cosy atmosphere that has something original and secure - perfect for your relaxation - and in contrast to conventional tents, a luxury tent offers you much more space! Our luxury tents come in different sizes andeither with or without a central pole in the middle. In each model, standing upright is possible and you can give free rein to your creativity on the huge interior surface. How about a double bed and wardrobes, for example, or a cosy reading corner with fairy lights? The floor is also very easy to clean, 100% waterproof and sealed so that no water penetrates, even if the nights get rainy. By the way, for all frostbite sufferers, decoration fans and permanent glampers, there are plenty of accessories such as carpets made of natural fibres, insulated quilted inserts for the walls, indoor tents and even cast-iron wood-burning stoves that provide cosy warmth even on icy days.


Do you already have ideas for your Lotus Belle Sanctuary? 

Lotus Belle tents are perfect for singles, couples, groups and families with children - so don't burst your bubble - take a look at our shop. We are always available to provide you personal advice and are happy to help if you have any questions about individual models or accessories. We couldn't convince you yet? Then take a look at what our customers got up to last year and get even more inspiration on our Facebook or Instagram channel! @lotusbellezelte @glampingwelt


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